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Due to lockdown, IGNOU is accepting Scanned copies of handwritten assignments to be submitted to respective Regional Centres online. We have IGNOU Handwritten Scanned Assignments available for the following subject codes right now: MPC-001 MPC-002 MPC-003 MPC-004 MPC-005 MPC-006 MPCE-011 MPCE-012 MPCE-013 MPCE-021 MPCE-022 MPCE-023 BSHF-101 FST-01 MEG-01 MEG-02 MEG-03 MEG-04 BPC-003 TS-01 TS-02 FEG-02 […]
If you are new to IGNOU and can’t seem to understand what to expect while you are enrolling for MA in Psychology, then let me help you with some insights about the whole course!! MA in Psychology (MAPC) Minimum Duration: 2 YearsMaximum Duration: 5 YearsCourse Fee: Rs. 18,000Minimum Age: No bar Maximum Age: No bar Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree from a recognised […]
Family Life Education: Meaning, Scope, Objectives and Importance Personal Identity: Meaning Family Life Cycle: Meaning Methods of Family Planning Dowry: Meaning, Important Provisions Divorce: Meaning, Consequences and Impact and Various Forms Hereditary Endowment: Meaning Vasectomy: Meaning Role of Mass Media in Sexual Health Education Sexual Health Education: Need, Objectives and Components Abortion: Meaning, Types and […]
MA Psychology Practicals (MAPC) You can find First Year MAPC Practicals here: Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS) Family Pathology Bhatia’s Battery of Intelligence Test 16 Personality Factors (16 PF) Problem Behaviour Checklist (PBCL) You can find Second Year MAPC Practicals here: Rorschach Inkblot Test State Trait Anxiety Test/Inventory (STAT) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Sentence Completion […]
Important topics for last minute revision. Good luck for exams! Psychological Assessment1. Meaning2. Steps3. Procedures/Methods4. Complexities5. Principles6. Purpose7. Process Cognitive Counselling1. Meaning2. Assumptions3. Processes4. Approach by Beck and Ellis Person Centered Approach1. Meaning2. Process3. Basic Concepts4. Basic Assumptions Narrative Counselling1. Meaning2. Assumptions3. Techniques Career Planning and Counselling Multicultural Counselling1. Meaning2. Trends3. Role of Counselors Interview1. […]
MPCE-011 Important topics for upcoming exams. These topics are carefully selected from previous year’s question papers. Great for last minute revision. Good Luck for upcoming exams!! *Nature, cause and Symptoms of ADHD *Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder *Classification of Bipolar Disorder *Diagnosis and treatment of paranoid personality disorder *General medical conditions leading to mood disorder *Clinical […]
IGNOU admissions are open for July 2019 session. Indira Gandhi National Open University, a leading university of India, offers programs through open and distance learning mode. IGNOU offers a range of programs for graduation and post-graduation level. The courses offered are very much popular among the students because of the cost and time effectiveness. The […]
Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom
Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom We Have Started a Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom for Free but only for a limited time!! Hello Everyone!! We are providing free help sessions for various different subjects like FST-01, BSHF-101, EEC-11, BECE-002, BECE-214, BPC-001, MAPC, etc. We will be providing notes topic wise for understanding the subjects clearly, […]
ECO-07 Solved Assignment 2017-2018 ECO-07 Solved Assignment 2017-2018 for FREE Elective Course in Commerce ECO – 07: ELEMENTS OF STATISTICS  For July 2017 and January 2018 admission cycle  Attempt all the questions. 1. What is statistical sampling and explain various methods of sampling. 2. “Statistical methods are most dangerous in the hands of the inexpert” […]
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