IGNOU admissions are open for July 2019 session. Indira Gandhi National Open University, a leading university of India, offers programs through open and distance learning mode. IGNOU offers a range of programs for graduation and post-graduation level. The courses offered are very much popular among the students because of the cost and time effectiveness. The learning stations are in various cities to assist the enrolled students. The details about regional centres can be availed at :http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/regional/about

Candidates who want to take up Certificate, diploma, under-graduate and post graduate courses can apply before 4th week of June, 2019. IGNOU either admits student on the basis of entrance test or marks obtained in qualifying degrees. IGNOU conducts its own tests for MBA (OPENMAT), nursing courses (OPENNET), B.Ed. entrance test for B.Ed. courses. Further details about the entrance exams can be found out at :http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/entrance%20exam.pdf. For other courses, the admission is done on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying degree.  

Courses offered at IGNOU for July 2019 Admission: 

BPP- Bachelor of Preparatory Programme (6 months)

B.Com. – Bachelor of Commerce (3 years) 

BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications 

BA (PA)-Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (3years)  

BA-Eng – Bachelor of Arts in English (3years)  

BTS-Bachelor of Tourism Studies (3years)  

MEG-Master of Arts (English, Economics) (2years)  

MHD-Master of Arts (Hindi) (2years)  

MSW -Master of Arts (Social Work) (2years)  

MTTM – Master of Tourism and Travel Management (2 Years)  

MPA -Master of Arts (Public Administration) (2years)  

M.com-Master of Commerce (2years)  

M.ED – Master of Education (2years)  

MCA -Master of Computer Application (3years)  


  • Human Resource management (HRM)  
  • Finance Management(FM)  
  • Operations Management(OM)  
  • Marketing management(MM)  

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Courses (1 year)  

  • Human Resource management (PGDHRM)  
  • Finance Management(PGDFM)  
  • Operations Management(PGDOM)  
  • Marketing management(PGDMM)  

Candidate can use the link given below to start the fresh admission process:  


For re-registration; please use the link given below:  


Below are the steps given for filling application Form online;  

  • Download the Information brochure 2019 from the official website of IGNOU and read it very carefully 
  • Check well the eligibility criteria for the program you want to get admission in; once eligibility check is done start filling the online application form 
  • Click on the button “register yourself” that appears in the application login area and fill the required details 
  • Once, registration is done; you will receive username and password via email and SMS 
  • Click on existing user; if you already have the login details 
  • Fill personal details, program details, qualification details and correspondence details 
  • Upload a scanned photograph and digital signature  
  • Finally, pay your application fee via Debit/Credit card or net banking 
  • Click the submit button and save your form for future reference 

The fee structure at the courses offered at IGNOU can be given as below: 

Programme Name Programme Code Programme Fee(INR) 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Geography PHDGG 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Performing And Visual Arts With Specialization In Fine Arts, Theatre Arts And Music PHDPFVA 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy Computer Science PHDCS 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Food & Nutrition PHDFN 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Rural Development PHDRD 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Agriculture Extension PHDAGE 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Biochemistry PHDBC 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Chemistry PHDCHE 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Civil Engineering PHDCENG 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Commerce PHDCOM 21000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Economics PHDEC 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Education PHDEDU 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In English PhD in English 6600 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Gandhian Thought And Peace Studies (m.phil/phd In Gandhian Studies) Integrated DoPGPS 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Geology PhD in Geology 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Hindi PhD in Hindi 6600 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Hindi PhD in Hindi 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In History PhD in History 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In History PhD in History 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Inter-disciplinary And Trans-disciplinary Studies PHDITS 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Journalism & Mass Communication PhD in journalism & Mass Communication 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Journalism & Mass Communication PhD in journalism & Mass Communication 13200 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Law PHDLE 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Law PHDLE 6600 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Library & Information Science PhD in Library & Information Sc 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Library & Information Science PhD in Library & Information Sc 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Life Sciences PhD in Life Sciences 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Management PHDMGMT 28000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Mathematics PhD in Mathematics 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Mechanical Engineering PHDMECE 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Nursing PhD(N) 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Nursing PhD(N) 10000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Nursing PhD(N) 6600 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Physics PhD in Physics 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Political Science PhD in Political Sc 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Political Science PhD in Political Sc 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Psychology PhD in Psychology 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Public Administration PhD in Public Admn 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Public Administration PhD in Public Admn 6600 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Social Work PHDSW 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Sociology PhD in Sociology 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Sociology PhD in Sociology 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Statistics PHDSTAT 7000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Tourism And Hospitality PhD in Tourism Studies 14000 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Vocational Education PhD in Vocation Education 6600 
Doctor Of Philosophy In Vocational Education PhD in Vocation Education 14000 
Ph D In Arabic PhD (A) 5000 
Ph D In Arabic PhD (A) 14000 
Ph D In Arabic PhD (A) 14000 
Ph D In French PhD(A) 14000 
Ph D In French PhD(A) 14000 
Ph.d In Dairy Science And Technology PhDDR 7000 
Ph.d In Distance Education Ph.D(DE) 17000 
Ph.d. In Translation Studies PHDTT 7000 
Phd In Gender And Development Studies PhD (GDS) 14000 
Phd In Women’s Studies PhD (WS) 14000 
Post Doctoral Certificate In Dialysis Medicine PDCDM 50000 
Ma (distance Education) MADE 2000 
Ma (distance Education) MADE 3700 
Ma In Gender And Development Studies MAGD 10800 
Ma In Psychology MAPC 15800 
Ma In Translation Studies MATS 9000 
Ma In Translation Studies MATS 4000 
Master Of Arts (economics) MEC 10900 
Master Of Arts (economics) MEC 12000 
Master Of Arts (english) MEG 9000 
Master Of Arts (hindi) MHD 5000 
Master Of Arts (hindi) MHD 9000 
Master Of Arts (history) MAH 7300 
Master Of Arts (history) MAH 9000 
Master Of Arts (philosophy) MAPY 9000 
Master Of Arts (political Science) MPS 9000 
Master Of Arts (public Administration) MPA 9000 
Master Of Arts (rural Development) MA(RD) 9000 
Master Of Arts (sociology) MSO 9000 
Master Of Arts (sociology) MSO 7300 
Master Of Arts In Adult Education MAAE 12000 
Master Of Arts In Development Studies MADVS 10800 
Master Of Arts In Extension & Development Studies MAEDS 9000 
Master Of Arts In Gandhi And Peace Studies MA(GPS) 9000 
Master Of Arts In Gandhi And Peace Studies MA(GPS) 5000 
Master Of Arts In Women’s And Gender Studies MAWGS 14400 
Master Of Arts(education) MA(Edu) 13500 
Master Of Arts(education) MA(Edu) 12000 
Master Of Business Administration MBA 37800 
Master Of Business Administration (banking & Finance) MPB 37800 
Master Of Commerce MCom 3600 
Master Of Commerce MCom 11000 
Master Of Commerce In Business Policy And Corporate Governance MCom (BP & CG) 7000 
Master Of Commerce In Business Policy And Corporate Governance MCom (BP & CG) 6000 
Master Of Commerce In Finance & Taxation MCom (F&T) 7000 
Master Of Commerce In Finance & Taxation MCom (F&T) 6000 
Master Of Commerce In Management Accounting & Financial Strategies MCom(MA&FS) 7000 
Master Of Commerce In Management Accounting & Financial Strategies MCom(MA&FS) 6000 
Master Of Computer Applications MCA 64800 
Master Of Education MEd 36000 
Master Of Education MEd 40000 
Master Of Library And Information Science MLIS 9000 
Master Of Science (hospitality Administration) MHA 10000 
Master Of Science Degree In Dietetics And Food Service Management M Sc(DFSM) 27000 
Master Of Science Degree In Dietetics And Food Service Management M Sc(DFSM) 23900 
Master Of Science In Counselling And Family Therapy MSCCFT 28000 
Master Of Social Work MSW 12100 
Master Of Social Work MSW 27000 
Master Of Social Work (counselling) MSWC 15000 
Master Of Tourism & Travel Management MTTM 10800 
Master Of Tourism & Travel Management MTTM 9000 
Masters In Anthropology MAAN 12500 
Masters In Anthropology MAAN 14000 
Msc (mathematics With Applications In Computer Science) MACS 22000 
Diploma In Aquaculture DAQ 6500 
Diploma In Bpo Finance & Accounting DBPOFA 16000 
Diploma In Creative Writing In English DCE 3000 
Diploma In Critical Care Nursing DCCN 5000 
Diploma In Dairy Technology DDT 14400 
Diploma In Early Childhood Care And Education DECE 2000 
Diploma In Elementary Education D.El.Ed. 12000 
Diploma In Fish Products Technology DFPT 10800 
Diploma In Hiv And Family Education DAFE 3000 
Diploma In Meat Technology DMT 14400 
Diploma In Nursing Administration DNA 9000 
Diploma In Nutrition And Health Education DNHE 2000 
Diploma In Panchayat Level Administration & Development DPLAD 3000 
Diploma In Paralegal Practice DIPP 7000 
Diploma In Teaching German As A Foreign Language DTG 7000 
Diploma In Tourism Studies DTS 3500 
Diploma In Urdu DUL 1100 
Diploma In Urdu DUL 1500 
Diploma In Value Added Products From Fruits And Vegetables DVAPFV 14400 
Diploma In Value-added Products From Cereals, Pulses And Oilseeds DPVCPO 13200 
Diploma In Watershed Management DWM 12000 
Diploma In Women’s Empowerment And Development DWED 3600 
Advanced Certificate In Information Security ACISE 4500 
Advanced Certificate In Power Distribution Management ACPDM 4500 
Post Graduate Certificate In Cyber Law PGCCL 7000 
Post Graduate Certificate In Gandhi And Peace Studies PGCGPS 2000 
Post Graduate Certificate In Geoinformatics PGCGI 5000 
Post Graduate Certificate In Information And Assistive Technologies For The Instructors Of Visually Impaired PGCIATIVI 5000 
Post-graduate Certificate In Adult Education PGCAE 3000 
Post-graduate Certificate In Agriculture Policy PGCAP 3600 
Post-graduate Certificate In Bangla-hindi Translation PGCBHT 1500 
Post-graduate Certificate In Extension And Development Studies PGCEDS 2500 
Post-graduate Certificate In Malayalam-hindi Translation PGCMHT 1500 
Post-graduate Certificate In Patent Practice PGCPP 8000 
Bachelor Of Arts BA 6000 
Bachelor Of Arts BA 3500 
Bachelor Of Arts BA 3300 
Bachelor Of Arts (tourism Studies) BTS 6800 
Bachelor Of Arts (tourism Studies) BTS 7500 
Bachelor Of Commerce BCom 1600 
Bachelor Of Commerce BCom 6000 
Bachelor Of Commerce With Major In Accountancy And Finance BCOMAF 6000 
Bachelor Of Commerce With Major In Accountancy And Finance BCOMAF 4800 
Bachelor Of Computer Applications BCA 36000 
Bachelor Of Education BEd 50000 
Bachelor Of Library And Information Science BLIS 5000 
Bachelor Of Science (hospitality And Hotel Administration) BHM 3000 
Bachelor Of Social Work BSW 3500 
Bachelor Of Social Work BSW 12000 
Bachelor Preparatory Programme BPP 1000 
Bba In Retailing BBA(Retailing) 27000 
Bcom With Major In Corporate Affairs And Administration BCom (CA&A) 6000 
Bcom With Major In Corporate Affairs And Administration BCom (CA&A) 4800 
Bcom With Major In Financial And Cost Accounting BCom(F&CA) 6000 
Bcom With Major In Financial And Cost Accounting BCom(F&CA) 4800 
Bsc General 10500 
Bsc Nursing (post Basic) BScN(PB) 39600 
Bsc Nursing (post Basic) BScN(PB) 45000 
Pg Diploma In Mental Health PGDMH 9000 
Pg Diploma In Translation PGDT 3000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Applied Statistics PGDAST 6000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Counselling And Family Theraphy PGDCFT 13000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Counselling And Family Therapy PGDCFT 14000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Criminal Justice PGDCJ 9000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Disaster Management PGDDM 5000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Educational Management And Administration PGDEMA 5500 
Post Graduate Diploma In Financial Markets Practice PGDFMP 10800 
Post Graduate Diploma In Gandhi And Peace Studies PGDGPS 3500 
Post Graduate Diploma In Higher Education PGDHE 2500 
Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resource Management PGDHRM 10800 
Post Graduate Diploma In Information Security PGDIS 9000 
Post Graduate Diploma In International Business Operations PGDIBO 9000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Pre-primary Education PGDPPED 9600 
Post Graduate Diploma In Sustainability Science PGDSS 7000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Urban Planning And Development PGDUPDL 2800 
Post Graduate Diploma In Women’s & Gender Studies PGDWGS 7200 
Post-graduate Diploma In Adult Education PGDAE 6000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Analytical Chemistry PGDAC 8000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Audio Programme Production PGDAPP 8900 
Post-graduate Diploma In Audio Programme Production PGDAPP 10000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Book Publishing PGDBP 7500 
Post-graduate Diploma In Education Technology PGDET 6600 
Post-graduate Diploma In Environment And Sustainable Development PGDESD 5500 
Post-graduate Diploma In Extension And Development Studies PGDEDS 4500 
Post-graduate Diploma In Financial Management PGDFM 10800 
Post-graduate Diploma In Folklore And Culture Studies PGDFCS 2200 
Post-graduate Diploma In Food Safety And Quality Management PGDFSQM 14400 
Post-graduate Diploma In Geriatric Medicine PGDGM 21000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Hiv Medicine PGDHIVM 60000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Hospital And Health Management PGDHHM 11000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights PGDIPR 8500 
Post-graduate Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights PGDIPR 7400 
Post-graduate Diploma In Journalism And Mass Communication PGJMC 3500 
Post-graduate Diploma In Journalism And Mass Communication PGJMC 2500 
Post-graduate Diploma In Library Automation And Networking PGDLAN 15000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Marketing Management PGDMM 10800 
Post-graduate Diploma In Maternal And Child Health PGDMCH 23000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Operations Management PGDOM 10800 
Post-graduate Diploma In Pharmaceutical Sales Management PGDPSM 7000 
Post-graduate Diploma In Plantation Management PGDPM 6600 
Post-graduate Diploma In Rural Development PGDRD 2000 
Post-graduate Diploma In School Leadership And Management PGDSLM 5000 
Certificate In Anti Human Trafficking CAHT 1100 
Certificate In Arabic Language CAL 1200 
Certificate In Arabic Language CAL 1500 
Certificate In Bee Keeping CIB 1400 
Certificate In Business Skills CBS 2500 
Certificate In Co-operation, Co-operative Law CCLBL 7000 
Certificate In Communication And It Skills CCITSK 4500 
Certificate In Community Radio CCR 5500 
Certificate In Consumer Protection CCP 1500 
Certificate In Disaster Management CDM 2000 
Certificate In Elementary Teacher Education (for Tripura State) CETE 5000 
Certificate In Energy Technology And Management CETM 2500 
Certificate In Environmental Studies CES 2000 
Certificate In Food And Nutrition CFN 1100 
Certificate In French Language CFL 4800 
Certificate In French Language CFL 5500 
Certificate In Guidance CIG 1000 
Certificate In Guidance CIG 1100 
Certificate In Health Care Waste Management CHCWM 3000 
Certificate In Hiv And Family Education CAFE 1500 
Certificate In Home Based Health Care CHBHC 2000 
Certificate In Human Rights CHR 2000 
Certificate In Information Technology CIT 4000 
Certificate In International Humanitarian Law CIHL 2200 
Certificate In Japanese Language CJL 5400 
Certificate In Korean Language & Culture CKLC 2500 
Certificate In Maternal And Child Health Nursing CMCHN 5500 
Certificate In Newborn & Infant Nursing CNIN 5500 
Certificate In Ngo Management CNM 1800 
Certificate In Nutrition And Childcare CNCC 1500 
Certificate In Organic Farming COF 4800 
Certificate In Performing Arts – Bharatnatyam CPABN 4000 
Certificate In Performing Arts – Hindustani Music CPAHM 4000 
Certificate In Performing Arts – Karnatak Music CPAKM 4000 
Certificate In Performing Arts -theatre Arts CPATHA 4000 
Certificate In Persian Language CPL 1920 
Certificate In Poultry Farming CPF 3600 
Certificate In Russian Language CRUL 2500 
Certificate In Russian Language CRUL 2500 
Certificate In Sericulture CIS 4200 
Certificate In Social Work And Criminal Justice System CSWCJS 1500 
Certificate In Spanish Language CSL 2400 
Certificate In Spanish Language & Culture CSLC 4500 
Certificate In Teaching Of English As A Second Language CTE 1700 
Certificate In Teaching Of English As A Second Language CTE 2000 
Certificate In Tourism Studies CTS 1500 
Certificate In Tribal Studies CTRBS 1000 
Certificate In Urdu Language CUL 1000 
Certificate In Visual Arts – Applied Arts CVAA 4000 
Certificate In Visual Arts – Painting CVAP 4000 
Certificate In Water Harvesting And Management CWHM 2400 
Certificate Of Competency In Power Distribution (technicians) CCPD 3000 
Certificate Programme In Functional English (basic Level) CFE 2500 
Certificate Programme In Laboratory Techniques CPLT 3500 
Certificate Programme In Laboratory Techniques CPLT 2100 
Certificate Programme In Rural Development CRD 1500 
Certificate Programme In Teaching Of Primary School Mathematics CTPM 1500 
Certificate Programme In Value Education CPVE 1800 
Appreciation Course On Environment ACE 1400 
Awareness Programme On Dairy Farming APDF 1100 
Awareness Programme On Value Added Products From Fruits And Vegetables APVPFV 1000 
Certificate In Integrated Pest Management Technology In Potato Cultivation CIPMT 600 
Certificate In Motor Cycle Service And Repair CMSR 1100 
Research And Teaching Assistant RTA 2000 
Training Programme On Betel Vine For Farmers (two Weeks) TPBV 600 
Appreciation Course On Population And Sustainable Development ACPSD 800 
M.phil In Distance Education MPHILDE 10500 
M.phil In Economics MPHILEC 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Commerce MPHILCOM 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Gandhian Thought And Peace Studies MPHILGDS 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Political Science MPHILPS 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Public Administration MPHILPA 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Social Work MPHILSW 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Sociology MPHILSO 10500 
Master Of Philosophy In Theatre Arts MPHILTH 
Master Of Philosophy In Translation Studies MPHILTT 7000 
Post Graduate Diploma In Bioethics (kept In Abeyance) PGDBE 25000 

Further details about Doctoral degree can be found out at IGNOU’s official website through the link:  http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/programmes/1 

Further details about Master’s degree can be found out at IGNOU’s official website through the link : http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/programmes/2 

Further details about the certificate programs can be found out at IGNOU’s website through the link :http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/programmes/7 

Further details about the PG and advance certificates can be found out at :http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/programmes/4 

Further details about Bachelor’s degree can be found out at IGNOU’s official website through the link : http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/programmes/5 

Further details about M.Phil. program can be found out at IGNOU’s official website through the link: http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/programmes/18 



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