BSHF-101 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams

BSHF-101 Important Topics

  1. Post-industrial society
  2. Features of Indian Constitution
  3. Meaning of Environment
  4. National Movement
  5. Swadeshi Movement
  6. Sanskritization
  7. Governance – concept, characteristics
  8. Modern Indian Painting
  9. Bagh Painting
  10. Different roles of Information and Communication Technology

  11. Food Security
  12. New Stone Age
  13. Denotified Tribes
  14. Protestant Revolution
  15. Functions of Family, Institution of Family
  16. Planning in India – objectives, major successes and failures, role in administrative process
  17. Forms of Literature

  18. Rio Summit
  19. Emergence of Scientific Revolution.
  20. Ideas of Secularism
  21. Panchayati Raj
  22. Nuclear War – consequences, dangers
  23. Fundamental Rights – concept, importance
  24. Scheduled Castes

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