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MPCE-011 Important topics for upcoming exams. These topics are carefully selected from previous year’s question papers. Great for last minute revision. Good Luck for upcoming exams!! *Nature, cause and Symptoms of ADHD *Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder *Classification of Bipolar Disorder *Diagnosis and treatment of paranoid personality disorder *General medical conditions leading to mood disorder *Clinical […]
MPCE-013 Important Questions for Upcoming Exams MPCE-013 Important Questions 1. What do you understand by ‘psychotherapy integration’ ? Discuss various methods of psychotherapy integration. 2. What are the basic assumptions of cognitive behaviour therapy ? Explain the process of cognitive behaviour therapy. 3. Explain the concept of family therapy. Discuss the techniques, values and ethics […]
MES-015 Important Question for upcoming exams MES-015 Important Questions 1. Explain the roles of a teacher as a manager which lead to institutional effectiveness. 2. State the objectives and components of District Primary Education Programme (DPEP). 3. Write a note on Open Distance Learning system (ODL) in India. 4. Discuss the nature and uses of […]
MES-014 Important Questions for upcoming exams MES-014 Important Questions 1. What is mass media ? Discuss the use of mass media in education in India from a historical perspective. 2. Explain education as an instrument of social change. 3. Discuss the direct and indirect costs of education. 4. Explain the concept of school as a […]
RDD-06 Important Questions for upcoming Exams RDD-06 Important Questions 1. Explain the important determinants of health. 2. Discuss the definition, objectives and principles of health education. 3. Discuss the factors influencing health and nutrition status in rural India. 4. Discuss the basic characteristics of Common Communicable diseases. 5. Describe the major environmental sanitation problems in […]
FST-01 Important Questions for upcoming Exams FST-01 Important Questions 1. With the help of a clear and labelled diagram, describe the energy flow in an ecosystem. 2. Giving suitable examples state how society influences scientific developments. 3. Discuss the non-conventional renewable resources of energy. 4. Give an account of five technical innovations of medieval India. […]
ECO-09 Important Questions for upcoming exams ECO-09 Important Questions 1. Explain the role of commercial banks in the economic development of a country. 2. Distinguish between money market and capital market. Discuss the structure and characteristics of Indian money market. 3. Discuss Keynes’ theory of money and prices. Is it the correct explanation of changes […]
EEC-11 Important Questions for upcoming exams EEC-11 Important Questions 1. Explain the determination of factor pricing under the conditions of perfectly competitive factor market. 2. Explain briefly the law of variable proportions. In which stage does a business firm operate and why ? 3. Differentiate between inflation and deflation. How does inflation affect different sections […]
AMK-01 Important Questions for upcoming Exams AMK-01 Important Questions 1. Define Marketing. 2. What is Product Life Cycle (PLC)? 3. What is meant by pricing ? Explain any two methods of price determination of a product. 4. Describe different strategies for pricing a new product. 5. Explain the steps involved in Marketing Communication Process. 6. […]
  MRD-103 Important Questions Discuss the implementation process of rural development projects in India. Discuss the nature and scope of voluntary agency. Elucidate the formation of voluntary agency and its registration. Explain in brief the process involved in grassroots level planning. Elucidate the technical feasibility of project. Explain the planning process at the Block level. […]