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MA Psychology Practicals (MAPC) You can find First Year MAPC Practicals here: Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS) Family Pathology Bhatia’s Battery of Intelligence Test 16 Personality Factors (16 PF) Problem Behaviour Checklist (PBCL) You can find Second Year MAPC Practicals here: Rorschach Inkblot Test State Trait Anxiety Test/Inventory (STAT) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Sentence Completion […]
Important topics for last minute revision. Good luck for exams! Psychological Assessment1. Meaning2. Steps3. Procedures/Methods4. Complexities5. Principles6. Purpose7. Process Cognitive Counselling1. Meaning2. Assumptions3. Processes4. Approach by Beck and Ellis Person Centered Approach1. Meaning2. Process3. Basic Concepts4. Basic Assumptions Narrative Counselling1. Meaning2. Assumptions3. Techniques Career Planning and Counselling Multicultural Counselling1. Meaning2. Trends3. Role of Counselors Interview1. […]
Due to lockdown, IGNOU is accepting Scanned copies of handwritten assignments to be submitted to respective Regional Centres online. We have IGNOU Handwritten Scanned Assignments available for the following subject codes right now: MPC-001 MPC-002 MPC-003 MPC-004 MPC-005 MPC-006 MPCE-011 MPCE-012 MPCE-013 MPCE-021 MPCE-022 MPCE-023 BSHF-101 FST-01 MEG-01 MEG-02 MEG-03 MEG-04 BPC-003 TS-01 TS-02 FEG-02 […]
test your knowledge
Test Your Knowledge Let’s Test Your Knowledge of Current Affairs!!   [qsm quiz=2]   Don’t forget to share the result with your friends!! 🙂
15 Easy DIY Ideas for your Walls
15 Easy DIY Ideas for your Walls   Give your walls a refreshed look with these 15 Easy DIY Ideas for your walls. Make those boring, plain walls beautiful and interesting. Let your creativity flow out from your heart into these DIYs. These are very easy and very interesting wall crafts, which will make your […]
11 Ways for Removing Upper Lip Hair
Ways for removing Upper Lip Hair This small area can be so annoying with those tiny, thin hairs which howsoever, can even grow long and thick. It irritates so much, and makes us look so weird. No one wants to look weird, everyone wants to look their best. So, what is the best way to […]
Test your Computer Knowledge!! Play and Share with your Friends!! Enjoy!! [qsm quiz=1]
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“The mechanisms of learning and memory are at the essence of how the brain works.”