FST-01 Important Questions for upcoming Exams

FST-01 Important Questions

1. With the help of a clear and labelled diagram, describe the energy flow in an ecosystem.
2. Giving suitable examples state how society influences scientific developments.
3. Discuss the non-conventional renewable resources of energy.
4. Give an account of five technical innovations of medieval India.
5. What is meant by ‘technology transfer’ ? Describe in detail the problems faced by any country while importing technology.
6. Prepare a detailed account on the application of science and technology in small scale industries.
7. Write two factors that led to the decline of Bronze Age Civilisation.
8. Describe the life history of a star.
9. Trace the developments in technology in the Mauryan Empire.
10. Discuss the method of science.
11. Briefly explain the Big Bang Theory.
12. Discuss the technical developments in Feudal Society of Medieval Europe.
13. What do you mean by biological evolution ? Explain with the help of a suitable diagram how biological evolution has taken place.

14. Discuss the features of social organisation in the Gupta Empire that greatly improved science and technology.
15. Write about the most important current theory for the origin of universe. Describe any two evidences that support this theory.
16. Briefly discuss the ecological crises of the atmosphere.
17. Discuss the applications of optical fibres.

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