A Fun Day at Lohagarh Farms

A Fun Day at Lohagarh Farms

So we had a meeting a few days ago in our school, where the topic of staff outing came up from nowhere. Finally, it was decided where we are headed to for our picnic on Second Saturday of this month.

On 10th of Feb, 2018, I headed out for school as usual, reached there by 8:15 a.m. as we had to leave by 8:30 a.m.

Finally all the teachers and staff arrived and we boarded the two buses and left for LOHAGARH Farm by 8:30 a.m.

We were all so excited to finally go out for picnic after so long!! My friends were too extra excited though! :p

She even brought a small bluetooth operated speaker and some things to eat!!

Half the way on-board, everyone asked our music teacher to play something on his guitar (yeah, he brought his guitar too :p), everyone started singing with him.

And what was I doing? I started a live video on my Instagram. :p

Okay! Our day at LOHAGARH Farms is finally going to start!!

We were greeted on the entry gate with the ’tilak’ and sound of dhols. As we entered the through the beautiful door into a small, dark room, there was a cot with a ‘desi hookah’ (which was not for use :p). That small room was also decorated really beautifully. It had one more door, which leads to where we get our entry bands, which were to be tied on our wrists.

Finally There!!

After putting that bands on our wrists, finally we entered in ‘THE LOHAGARH FARM’.

There were not many people when we reached there (we reached around 10 a.m.), we were greeted by beautiful sounds of dhols, nagadas, etc. and two folk dancers (my friends even started dancing there :p).

It looked really beautiful, there were mountains in the background and the open space with wells and huts were giving full ‘desi’ look to the place.

The second thing we say after entering there was a well, with a proper bucket and a little water, which wasn’t deep at all (that was made just for the purpose of looks, not for use). There were many stalls of refreshing ‘Shikanji’ (lemonade), it was really yum!! Andย  a few stalls of ‘Lassi’ too (I didn’t try it though).

We went to get some breakfast after that, they had so many things like tea, hot pakoras (of many varieties), sweet and hot jalebis (yum!!) for snacks and poori, aloo sabji, roti, raita, etc. for breakfast, and lastly the yummy steamy hot halwa!!

Everything was really dealicious!!

After all that eating, we head out to see more of the ‘lohagarh farm’.

There were many adventure sports stuff, like commando net, rope bridges, tire swings etc., many school kids were there, with their harnesses on!! It looked really cool but not at all dangerous or anything like that, as of those things were not that large and were at a low height.

Moving on ahead, there was a space if you wanna try tug of war with your mates, or jump on the trampolines, or just sit on cots under sheds. Not just there, you can see many of those cots and sheds made for people to rest (some even slept there).

There were rides also, like camel cart ride, bullock cart ride and camel ride. Though we didn’t get the time to try. -_-

Anyway, we still had a lot of fun. And you can also have a LOT of FUN there specially if you are a girl. :p

You can even try wearing that ‘desi ghagra’ with colorful ‘chunni’. They also had some decorated steel ‘matkas’ to give you that proper desi feels.

Moving on, there are like 5 or 6 of small areas made with mud where you can get some yummy ‘desi food’. All the food was cooked on ‘desi chulhas’. Like ‘makki ki roti’ and ‘sarson ka saag’ or ‘baajre ki roti’ and ‘kadi’, with yummy ‘chutney’ with a lot of white homemade butter and ‘gud’ (jaggery) for the sweets.

And if you LOVE dancing, there’s a proper DJ with a stage waiting for you!! You can dance all you want, on DJ or even on the dhols.

At the end, we had lunch (which was really yum) and boarded our bus to come back home!

So, all in all, we had a great time at LOHAGARH Farms!!

You can also go there with your friends or colleagues or family or whoever you want! But don’t forget to share your experiences with us!!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S.- I am not in these pictures :p as I was the one clicking them!!