If you are new to IGNOU and can’t seem to understand what to expect while you are enrolling for MA in Psychology, then let me help you with some insights about the whole course!!

MA in Psychology (MAPC)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 18,000
Minimum Age: No bar 
Maximum Age: No bar


Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university

Note :- Rs. 9000/-for Ist Year and Rs.900/-for IInd Year.

This above information is the first thing you will find on IGNOU’s official website. They have slightly increased the fee for 1st year from this session maybe.

First thing you may need to do after applying online and paying course fees, is that you need to wait till admissions are over. After that you will get an admission confirmation message and Email.

After a few days, they will send you a message to download your student ID card from their website and get it stamped at your assigned regional center. You will also receive a text, either if they sent you study material by post or if you need to visit there are get it yourself. (It might take a little longer time than usual these days).

Then, you will receive a text or mail from your study center about the schedule of your orientation class. In that class you will be given an introduction about the course and your teacher’s and also, you will be provided details about your further classes.

About First Year

In MAPC, they conduct theory classes and practical classes. If you are working full-time and can’t attend all the classes, then you can surely skip theory classes if you want. But, PRACTICAL classes are COMPULSORY to attend. You will need at least 75% attendance in practical classes to attend practical exam afterwards.

Out of 7 subjects mentioned in the course, i.e., MPC-001 to MPCL-07, first 6 subjects are theory. And the last one, MPCL-07 is practical.

About Practicals

In the practical book provided by IGNOU there is a list of practicals, out of which your teacher will tell you which 5 you will need to conduct and write in your Practical File.

In the Practical File, you will need to write full practicals in details.
It’s really simple..you just need to follow the format given in your practicum, which is as follows:
INTRODUCTION (what the practical is related to, like if you are doing 16 PF, then write a little bit about the personalities and theories of personalities)
DESCRIPTION OF THE TEST (This you will find in the practicum and the manual of the test)
RELIABILITY (from the manual)
VALIDITY (from the manual)
Then, you have to conduct the test and write accordingly..
SUBJECT’S PROFILE (name, age, gender, occupation if any, educational qualification if any)
PREPARATION (what preparations you made before conducting the test)
INSTRUCTION (from manual)
RAPPORT FORMATION (how you formed a rapport with the subject, like how you made the subject comfortable for taking the test)
SCORING (first, write a little bit about how scoring is done, you will find it in the manual, use tabular format if available, then write what score you got)
INTERPRETATION (write a little bit about it from the manual and then write how you interpreted the score according to the scoring tables)
DISCUSSION (here you have to write what discussion you had with the subject about the scores)
CONCLUSION (write it in your own words, like what you have concluded about the subject after the test is done)

And if you need any help regarding these following practicals, feel free to message us:
1. 16 PF
2. Bhatia's Battery Performance Test of Intelligence
3. Vineland Social Maturity Scale
4. Problem Behaviour Checklist
5. Family Pathology Scale

After that you can get it checked before exams as soon as possible from your teacher. And if by chance you couldn’t, then don’t worry you can get it checked directly on Practical Exam day.

About Assignments

Assignments are a few questions for each subject, which needs to be submitted handwritten at study center before applying for exams.

If not submitted, then the result will show incomplete.

Last dates for assignment submission for both sessions are:

  1. For July session – last date usually is 30th September
  2. For January session – last date is 31st March

They usually extend last date up to one to two months sometimes.

About Exams (1st Year)

Before applying for exams, you need to prepare assignments for each of the 6 subjects and submit at your study center. Then you can apply for all 6 theory subjects and practical exam.

Term End Exams (TEE) are held two times a year, i.e., in June and December.

Practical Exams are usually held 15 to 30 days after the TEE ends (like in July and January).

For theory exams, you can select your nearest exam center while filling up the exam form.

Practical exams are held in study center only.

Assignments need to be Handwritten only (they won’t care it you write them on your own or have someone else write for you).

MAPC 2nd Year

Before 1st Year’s exam, you will get a text from IGNOU to fill up and submit re-registration form.

Re-registration and fee submission for 2nd Year needs to done before 1st year’s exam.

After completing 1st year’s exam, you will again receive second year’s study material and assignments.

Half of the things are just the same as first year, like assignments, and theory classes, and practicals, but in 2nd Year you need to choose from 3 streams while re-registering yourself. These 3 streams are:

  1. Clinical Psychology
  2. Counselling Psychology
  3. Organisational Psychology

You need to choose according to your own preference.

In 2nd year, besides assignments and practicals, there are 2 more things:

  1. Internship
  2. Project

About Internship

You have to complete a 240 hours of internship at any institute or hospital or school or NGO.

If you are in clinical, then you should preferably do internship in some hospital or clinic.

If in counselling, then any institute, school or NGO.

Afterwards you would need to prepare an internship report, which would also include some case studies.

There are many places in Delhi where they have special batches for IGNOU student, so they will surely guide you through everything.

And, the internship report needs to be submitted in typed form.

About Project

For starting your project, make sure you pass in 1st year’s following 2 subjects:

  1. MPC-005 Research Methods
  2. MPC-006 Statistics in Psychology

After that, you will need to decide on a research topic. You can shortlist 3-4 topics and discuss which would be the best for project with your teacher.

After finalising your project (or research) topic, you need to prepare a synopsis.

Synopsis is a short report on what you are going to do in your research and should be the expectations from it. You can find the format in your study material.

Prepare at least 3 copies of synopsis after your teacher approves it. You need to submit these copies of synopsis at your regional center and study center, after getting it signed from your teacher or guide.

If your synopsis gets approval from regional center, then only you can start your project. Otherwise, if rejected, then you might need to draft another one and send again.

PS- If you need Handwritten Assignments or Practicals you can mail us @ admin@solehalt.com or WhatsApp us @ 9354038314 anytime. 🙂
We will be happy to help.

And if you still have any other confusion they feel free to leave a comment below!!

You can also send you query from the form below.



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  1. Hello,
    I took admission in january 2019 batch(MAPC),jesus and mary is the study centre alloted to me.I could not attend any of it’s classes(not even practicals) but had Partialy completed my assignment. Even had submitted the term end exam(TEE) Form and fee. What in your opinion should i do now?

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