MES-011 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams

MES-011 Important Topics

1. Relation between Education and Economic Development
2. Types of resources of education
3. Aims of Education
4. Objectives and Achievements of DPEP
5. Role of State agencies in Education
6. Political decision-making – Major areas, role and importance, factors influencing, evolution

7. Relationship of Society, Education and Culture
8. Role of NGO
9. Education as an operational aspect of society
10. Acculturation, enculturation and heritage
11. Equality and Equity of provisional education
12. Education – meaning, aim, goals, purpose
13. Community in educational development and elementary education

14. CTE – function, role
15. Truth of knowledge
16. Role of Education in Human Rights
17. Janshala Programme

Questions related to these topics have come in Previous Years Exams! 

Good Luck for the Exams!! :)

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