MES-015 Important Question for upcoming exams

MES-015 Important Questions

1. Explain the roles of a teacher as a manager which lead to institutional effectiveness.
2. State the objectives and components of District Primary Education Programme (DPEP).
3. Write a note on Open Distance Learning system (ODL) in India.
4. Discuss the nature and uses of virtual campus.
5. Explain the meaning of programmed learning/ programmed instruction. Discuss the stages for development of programmed learning material.
6. Explain the present status and thrust for secondary education.
7. Explain the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in providing education.
8. Discuss the role and functions of UNICEF.
9. Why is secondary and higher secondary education considered as the foundations for higher education ? What is the significance of vocationalisation of education at secondary and higher secondary stage ?
10. Write note on: IGNOU and DEC-Objectives and Function.
11. Discuss critically the post-independence development in secondary education.
12. Illustrate post – independence development in Technical Education.
13. Write note on : Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) – Role and functions .
14. Write a note on : Formative and Summative evaluation – concept and significance.
15. Describe the purpose of universalisation of secondary education.

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