MPC-006 Important Topics for Exams from Previous Years Papers

All these topicss are from IGNOU's Previous Years Question Papers.
These are those topics which were mostly repeated in exams.

  1. Parametric and Non-parametric Statistics – difference, assumptions, advantages, disadvantages
  2. Correlation – multiple, partial, point biserial, tetrachoric
  3. Normal Curve – properties of Normal Probability Curve, factors causing divergence
  4. Null Hypothesis and Hypothesis testing & errors
  5. Regression Equation
  6. Linear and Non-linear relationship & meaning
  7. Levels of measurement
  8. ANOVA – advantage, disadvantage
  9. Differentiate between descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  10. Wilcoxon Matched Pair Signed Rank Test
  11. Kendall Tau
  12. Divergence in normality
  13. Variance
  14. Degree of Freedom
  15. Linear Regression
  16. Type I and Type II Errors
  17. Graphical Presentation of data
  18. Level of Significance

Numericals of:

  1. ANOVA
  2. Mann – Whitney U test
  3. Chi – square
  4. Kendall’s Tau
  5. Spearman’s Rho
  6. Regression Equation for X and Y

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