MPCE-011 Important topics for upcoming exams. These topics are carefully selected from previous year’s question papers. Great for last minute revision.

Good Luck for upcoming exams!!

*Nature, cause and Symptoms of ADHD

*Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

*Classification of Bipolar Disorder

*Diagnosis and treatment of paranoid personality disorder

*General medical conditions leading to mood disorder

*Clinical features, causes and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

*The causes of substance induced psychotic disorder and distinguish it from other psychotic disorders

*Humanistic Approach to Psychopathology

*Conversion disorder and body dysmorphic disorder

*Symptoms, etiology, clinical features and treatment of Panic disorder

*Clinical features, Cause, Symptoms and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

*Causes and treatment of Histrionic Personality Disorder

*Features, causes, symptoms and treatment of Schizophrenia

*Clinical Features, etiology, and treatment of dissociative disorders

*Causes and treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

*3 Clusters of Personality Disorder

*Symptoms, types and causes of Paranoia

*Types of Somatoform Disorders

*Features, types and treatment of Narcissistic Disorder

Short note on:


*Neurotic Anxiety

*Panic Attack

*Mental Retardation

*Childhood disintegrative disorder

*Depersonalisation disorder

*Parkinson’s disease


*Post-partum depression

*Asperger syndrome

*Delusion of grandeur

*Aversive Therapy


*Depressants and Stimulants


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