Important topics for last minute revision. Good luck for exams!

Psychological Assessment
1. Meaning
2. Steps
3. Procedures/Methods
4. Complexities
5. Principles
6. Purpose
7. Process

Cognitive Counselling
1. Meaning
2. Assumptions
3. Processes
4. Approach by Beck and Ellis

Person Centered Approach
1. Meaning
2. Process
3. Basic Concepts
4. Basic Assumptions

Narrative Counselling
1. Meaning
2. Assumptions
3. Techniques

Career Planning and Counselling

Multicultural Counselling
1. Meaning
2. Trends
3. Role of Counselors

1. Characteristics
2. Types
3. Methods

Psychological Test
1. Characteristics
2. Types
3. Purpose

Fully Functioning Person

Rational Emotive Therapy
1. Meaning
2. Techniques

Positive Health

Group Counselling Process

Guidance and Counselling Programme for an educational institution or school

Assessment of Creativity

Characteristics of an Effective Counselor

Behavioural Counselling
1. Meaning
2. Techniques

Case History Interview

Initial Counselling Skills

1. Meaning
2. Purposes
3. Steps
4. Types

Mindset of Client in Counselling

Needs for guidance at micro and macro level of education

Psychodynamic theory of Carl Jung



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