MRDE-002 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams

MRDE-002 Important Questions

  1. Describe the essential characteristics of voluntary associations in a democratic society.
  2. Explain the basic characteristics/features of Community Based Organisations (CBOs).
  3. Describe problems faced by Voluntary organisations in rural areas.
  4. Discuss the relationship between state and voluntary associations.
  5. Discuss the contribution of Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) to watershed development in rural areas.
  6. Write notes on:

    1. Describe Weber’s ideal types of action
    2. Requirements of voluntary agency administration.
    3. Bill of Rights (1689)
    4. Basic characteristics of bureaucratic administration
    5. Gandhian approach to voluntarism

    6. NGO-Typology-based on Orientation
    7. Relationship between United Nations and NGOs
    8. Significance of CBO-Approach
    9. SEWA Bank
    10. Right to ‘Freedom of Association
    11. Religious Philanthropy in India
    12. Sector-Wise Approach
    13. Water User’s Association (WUA)

    14. Barefoot college
    15. Diversity Among VOs
    16. Concept of Primary Beneficiary
    17. Registered Societies
    18. PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas)
    19. Forest Management Committee
    20. The Millennium Development Goals
    21. Crisis of Welfare State
    22. Magna Carta
    23. Mutual-Benefit Organisations
    24. CAPART

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