MRDE-101 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams

MRDE-101 Important Questions

  1. Describe the various schemes/programmes for girls’ education in India.
  2. Discuss in brief the nutritional needs of rural children.
  3. Discuss the various programmes of empowerment of the scheduled castes.
  4. Describe the salient features of Bonded Labour Abolition Act, 1986.
  5. Write notes on:

      1. National Policy on empowerment of women.
      2. Early childhood care and education in India.
      3. Constitutional status of scheduled tribes of India.
      4. Untouchability
      5. Khadi and Village Industries
      6. Children at Work
      7. Non-formal Education
      8. Women and Micro-Credit
      9. Women’s Empowerment Framework
      10. Swayamsidha
      11. Religious beliefs of Tribals

    1. Shifting Cultivation
    2. Artisans and craftsmen
    3. Handloom Industry
    4. Christian Marriage Law
    5. Concept of Tribe
    6. Safeguard for Personal Liberty of Women
    7. Public Interest Litigation
    8. Family Courts
    9. Social Construction of Gender

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