RDD-06 Important Questions

RDD-06 Important Questions for upcoming Exams

RDD-06 Important Questions

1. Explain the important determinants of health.
2. Discuss the definition, objectives and principles of health education.
3. Discuss the factors influencing health and nutrition status in rural India.
4. Discuss the basic characteristics of Common Communicable diseases.
5. Describe the major environmental sanitation problems in India.
6. Write a note on:
⦁ Monitoring of Health Care Programmes
⦁ Describe basic aspects of National Malaria Control Programme
⦁ Discuss the important features of Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed
⦁ Nutrition Education
⦁ Health Information System
⦁ Polio Eradication
⦁ Vector Control
⦁ Infant Mortality Rate
⦁ The Cuban Model of Health Care
⦁ Socio-Cultural Approach to Health
⦁ Disease Eradication
⦁ Sanitation and Health
⦁ The Epidemiology Triad
⦁ Vector Control
⦁ Protein-Energy Malnutrition (PEM)
⦁ Shool Health Programmes
⦁ Kala-azar Control
⦁ Discuss the National Tuberculosis Control Programme in India
⦁ Active Immunisation
⦁ Diarrhoea

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