RDD-07 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams

RDD-07 Important Questions

  1. Define communication. Elaborate various elements of Communication.
  2. Discuss the characteristics of communication channels.
  3. Describe the functions of communication.
  4. Highlight the problems in organisational communication.
  5. Briefly explain the implications of communication for rural development.
  6. Explain the meaning and scope of monitoring and evaluation.
  7. Describe the patterns and constraints of social forestry extension.
  8. Write notes on:

    1. Importance of Feedback
    2. Selection of channels
    3. Training and Visit (T and V) System
    4. Communication problems in rural development.
    5. Barriers in Communication
    6. Social-psychological Model
    7. Nilokheri Project

    8. High Yielding Variety
    9. Integrated Tribal Development Project
    10. Lateral Communication
    11. Types of Audio Aids
    12. Westley-Maclean Model of Communication
    13. Communication problems in rural development.
    14. Patterns of social forestry extension
    15. CAPART
    16. Shannon-Weaver Information Model
    17. Credit Management
    18. Communication Planning
    19. Principle of Leadership
    20. Production Inputs Management
    21. Projected Visual Aids
    22. Krishi Vigyan Kendras
    23. Operation Flood Programme
    24. Audience Analysis

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