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Q. Explain Two-way Analysis of Variance with a focus on its merits and demerits.
Two way ANOVA
In two way analysis of variance, usually the two independent variables are taken simultaneously. It has two main effects and one interactional or joint effect on dependent variable. In such condition we have to use analysis of variance in two way i.e. vertically as well as horizontally or we have to use ANOVA, column and row wise.


Merits of Two Way Analysis of Variance
The following are the advantages of two way analysis of variance:
⦁ This technique is used to analyse two types of effects viz. main effects and Interaction Effects.
⦁ More than two factors effects are analysed by this technique.
⦁ For analysing the data obtained on the basis of factorial designs, this technique is used.
⦁ This technique is used to analyse the data for complex experimental studies.


Demerits or Limitations of Two Way ANOVA
The following limitations are found in this technique:
⦁ When there are more than two classification of a factor or factors of study. F ratio value
provides global picture of difference among the main treatment effects. The inference can be
specified by using ‘t’ test in case when F ratio is found significant for a treatment.
⦁ This technique also follows the assumptions on which one way analysis of variance is based. If
these assumptions are not fulfilled, the use of this technique may give us spurious results.
⦁ This technique is difficult and time consuming.
⦁ As the number of factors are increased in a study, the complexity of analysis in increased and
interpretation of results become difficult.
⦁ This technique requires high level arithmetical and calculative ability. Similarly it also requires
high level of imaginative and logical ability to interpret the obtained results.

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