Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom

Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom

We Have Started a Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom for Free but only for a limited time!!

Hello Everyone!!
We are providing free help sessions for various different subjects like FST-01, BSHF-101, EEC-11, BECE-002, BECE-214, BPC-001, MAPC, etc.
We will be providing notes topic wise for understanding the subjects clearly, various practice assignments to measure your progress, and month end exams to check overall progress.
So, if you’re really serious about studying, then join us in our Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom.
You don’t have to go anywhere.. Join the classroom we have created on Google and study in the comfort of your home!!
We are providing this absolutely FREE for those students you really wants to study and not time!!
We will be sharing all the different classroom links for different subjects in our group:
Hope to see you there!! 🙂


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