AMK-01 Important Questions for upcoming Exams

AMK-01 Important Questions
1. Define Marketing.
2. What is Product Life Cycle (PLC)?
3. What is meant by pricing ? Explain any two methods of price determination of a product.
4. Describe different strategies for pricing a new product.
5. Explain the steps involved in Marketing Communication Process.
6. What do you understand by consumer behaviour ? Describe the stages involved in consumer purchase decision. Briefly explain the factors influencing consumer behaviour.
7. Write notes on:
a. Promotion – mix
b. Branding
c. Market Segmentation
d. Discount and allowances
e. Selling process
8. “Advertising is Wasteful”. Discuss with appropriate examples.
9. What do you mean by Brand ? Discuss the various types of brands.
10. State the steps involved in the new product development and explain them briefly.

More Questions will be updated soon!!

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