EEC-11 Important Questions for upcoming exams EEC-11 Important Questions 1. Explain the determination of factor pricing under the conditions of perfectly competitive factor market. 2. Explain briefly the law of variable proportions. In which stage does a business firm operate and why ? 3. Differentiate between inflation and deflation. How does inflation affect different sections […]
AMK-01 Important Questions for upcoming Exams AMK-01 Important Questions 1. Define Marketing. 2. What is Product Life Cycle (PLC)? 3. What is meant by pricing ? Explain any two methods of price determination of a product. 4. Describe different strategies for pricing a new product. 5. Explain the steps involved in Marketing Communication Process. 6. […]
  MRD-103 Important Questions Discuss the implementation process of rural development projects in India. Discuss the nature and scope of voluntary agency. Elucidate the formation of voluntary agency and its registration. Explain in brief the process involved in grassroots level planning. Elucidate the technical feasibility of project. Explain the planning process at the Block level. […]
RDD-07 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams RDD-07 Important Questions Define communication. Elaborate various elements of Communication. Discuss the characteristics of communication channels. Describe the functions of communication. Highlight the problems in organisational communication. Briefly explain the implications of communication for rural development. Explain the meaning and scope of monitoring and evaluation. Describe the patterns […]
MRDE-002 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams MRDE-002 Important Questions Describe the essential characteristics of voluntary associations in a democratic society. Explain the basic characteristics/features of Community Based Organisations (CBOs). Describe problems faced by Voluntary organisations in rural areas. Discuss the relationship between state and voluntary associations. Discuss the contribution of Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) […]
MRDE-101 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams MRDE-101 Important Questions Describe the various schemes/programmes for girls’ education in India. Discuss in brief the nutritional needs of rural children. Discuss the various programmes of empowerment of the scheduled castes. Describe the salient features of Bonded Labour Abolition Act, 1986. Write notes on: National Policy on empowerment […]
BSHF-101 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams BSHF-101 Important Topics Post-industrial society Features of Indian Constitution Meaning of Environment National Movement Swadeshi Movement Sanskritization Governance – concept, characteristics Modern Indian Painting Bagh Painting Different roles of Information and Communication Technology Food Security New Stone Age Denotified Tribes Protestant Revolution Functions of Family, Institution of […]
BEGE-102 Important Questions to prepare for Upcoming Exams BEGE-102 Important Questions 1.Write short notes on: Sentences Rising and Falling tones Affixes and Suffixes Imperatives Negation 2. Divide the following words into their constituent morphemes: preparation translation/translated beautiful/beautifully lovely   Identify the prefixes and suffixes that occur in the following words: questionable, irrelevant, childhood, unwelcome, commandment, illegible, […]
MES-013 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams MES-013 Important Topics Psychomotor Learning – concept, organization of psychomotor learning experience in schools Influence – of peers, of community, school environment – on learner Effects of social class on learner Classroom climate Constructivism – types, implications, differ from behaviorism Difference between declarative and procedural knowledge Self-concept […]
MES-012 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams MES-012 Important Topics Knowledge – Meaning, theories Aims of education Explain education as initiation Informal Education – characteristics, meaning, scope Sources of Knowledge Scope of Education Curriculum – trends, issues, process, evaluation, approaches Pramana – meaning, types Differentiate between formal and non-formal education Hidden Curriculum Questions related […]