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MPCE-011 Important topics for upcoming exams. These topics are carefully selected from previous year’s question papers. Great for last minute revision. Good Luck for upcoming exams!! *Nature, cause and Symptoms of ADHD *Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder *Classification of Bipolar Disorder *Diagnosis and treatment of paranoid personality disorder *General medical conditions leading to mood disorder *Clinical […]
IGNOU admissions are open for July 2019 session. Indira Gandhi National Open University, a leading university of India, offers programs through open and distance learning mode. IGNOU offers a range of programs for graduation and post-graduation level. The courses offered are very much popular among the students because of the cost and time effectiveness. The […]
If you are new to IGNOU and can’t seem to understand what to expect while you are enrolling for MA in Psychology, then let me help you with some insights about the whole course!! MA in Psychology (MAPC) Minimum Duration: 2 YearsMaximum Duration: 5 YearsCourse Fee: Rs. 18,000Minimum Age: No bar Maximum Age: No bar Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree from a recognised […]
Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom
Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom We Have Started a Virtual IGNOU Study Help Classroom for Free but only for a limited time!! Hello Everyone!! We are providing free help sessions for various different subjects like FST-01, BSHF-101, EEC-11, BECE-002, BECE-214, BPC-001, MAPC, etc. We will be providing notes topic wise for understanding the subjects clearly, […]
ECO-07 Solved Assignment 2017-2018 ECO-07 Solved Assignment 2017-2018 for FREE Elective Course in Commerce ECO – 07: ELEMENTS OF STATISTICS  For July 2017 and January 2018 admission cycle  Attempt all the questions. 1. What is statistical sampling and explain various methods of sampling. 2. “Statistical methods are most dangerous in the hands of the inexpert” […]
MPCE-013 Important Questions for Upcoming Exams MPCE-013 Important Questions 1. What do you understand by ‘psychotherapy integration’ ? Discuss various methods of psychotherapy integration. 2. What are the basic assumptions of cognitive behaviour therapy ? Explain the process of cognitive behaviour therapy. 3. Explain the concept of family therapy. Discuss the techniques, values and ethics […]
MES-015 Important Question for upcoming exams MES-015 Important Questions 1. Explain the roles of a teacher as a manager which lead to institutional effectiveness. 2. State the objectives and components of District Primary Education Programme (DPEP). 3. Write a note on Open Distance Learning system (ODL) in India. 4. Discuss the nature and uses of […]
MES-014 Important Questions for upcoming exams MES-014 Important Questions 1. What is mass media ? Discuss the use of mass media in education in India from a historical perspective. 2. Explain education as an instrument of social change. 3. Discuss the direct and indirect costs of education. 4. Explain the concept of school as a […]
RDD-06 Important Questions for upcoming Exams RDD-06 Important Questions 1. Explain the important determinants of health. 2. Discuss the definition, objectives and principles of health education. 3. Discuss the factors influencing health and nutrition status in rural India. 4. Discuss the basic characteristics of Common Communicable diseases. 5. Describe the major environmental sanitation problems in […]
FST-01 Important Questions for upcoming Exams FST-01 Important Questions 1. With the help of a clear and labelled diagram, describe the energy flow in an ecosystem. 2. Giving suitable examples state how society influences scientific developments. 3. Discuss the non-conventional renewable resources of energy. 4. Give an account of five technical innovations of medieval India. […]