Handwritten assignments IGNOU

If you are thinking what to expect from our Handwritten Assignments, here are the things you would like to know about-

  1. All The Assignments Are Written On A4 Sized Ruled Sheets.
  2. IGNOU Study Material Is Used For Writing The Answers.
  3. We Follow IGNOU Guidelines.
  4. The Handwritten Assignments Are Made On Order, i.e., We Start Writing After You Order.
  5. We Don’t Share Your Details With Anyone.
  6. We Don’t Do COD (Cash On Delivery).
  7. Tracking Code Is Also Provided.
  8. It Takes 3-4 Days For Writing One Assignment.
  9. All The Questions Are Written For Scoring Maximum Marks.
  10. We Use Black Pen For Questions And Blue For Answers.
  11. We Don’t Make The Front Page And We Will Send An Extra Sheet For That.

If you are thinking, why you would need a Handwritten Assignment instead of just normal solved assignment then keep reading!!

Why You Should Buy Handwritten Assignment:
You are a working professional, and don’t get enough time to write assignment, as you may have a lot of work to do.
Or You are a full-time housewife and couldn’t get time for writing assignment, as you may have a lot of chores or family stuff to do or small children to take care of.
Maybe You are a student, who is pursuing two or more courses at the same time.
Or any other emergency/case, that you can’t get yourself out from and doesn’t get enough time to write assignment yourselves.

What If While Submitting The Assignment, They Find Out It’s Not Written By YOU? Then What?

If you are thinking this, then let me tell you somethings I have observed at IGNOU Study Centres while submitting the assignments (as I have done my Graduation from IGNOU and Master’s too).

The evaluators doesn’t recognize any students handwriting, as you are not studying there regular and they don’t check your copies (they probably won’t even remember your name as well).
There are mostly a lot of students at the time of submission, so they don’t cross-check your handwriting with the assignment.
The Coordinators just check if you have written all the details on the front page or not AND if the assignments are handwritten (whether you write them yourself or ask someone else to write for you).

If you still have any doubts about it or any question in your mind, then please feel free to leave a message or comment below and let us know about it.

We are here to help students, if you want to ask about any other thing related to IGNOU, let us know. We would be happy to help!!

Hope You Have A Great Day Ahead!!

🙂 🙂


22 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I need IGNOU BCA handwritten assignments for 6th Semester (all subjects) 4th Semester (all subjects) + 3rd semester (2 subjects) for submission in the coming semester – April 2019.

    Please give me a delivery timeline and price quote for the whole thing.

    Kathy Tathawade

  2. I need hand written assignments
    In hindi BEVAE-181

    • Hello,
      We can surely write it for you.
      Please text us via WhatsApp @ 9354038314 with details.

  3. I have done 6 assigbments by own and 2 by someone else… so writting differs, will it create problem for me

    • Different teachers check assignments of different course codes, so I don’t think that it will be of any problem if the writing is different in 2.

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