MAE-01 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams

MAE-01 Important Topics

  1. Adult Education
  2. Philosophies of Adult and Lifelong Learning and adult education
  3. Role, trend, growth of ICT in adult education
  4. Nature and Characteristics of adult education.
  5. Motivation – Theories of motivation
  6. Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE)
  7. Panel discussion
  8. National Literacy Mission
  9. Participatory Evaluation – Definition, Evolution, Approaches, Process
  10. Definition, Approaches/Process of Curriculum development

  11. Communication System – Describe
  12. Strength and Weakness of ICT
  13. Growth of adult education before and after independence
  14. Further Education
  15. Continuing Education
  16. Distance Education
  17. Life-long Education
  18. Scope of psychology
  19. Relevance/Role of philosophical traditions

Questions related to these topics have come in Previous Years Exams!
Good Luck for the Exams!! :)

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