MEG-01 Important Topics to Prepare for the upcoming Exams

MEG-01 Important Topics

  1. Epithalamion
  2. Prothalamion
  3. Mac flecknoe
  4. Chaucer
  5. The wasteland (*appeared in previous papers more than two times)
  6. Sylvia Plath
  7. The Prelude
  8. Alexander Pope and An epistle to Dr. arbuthnot (*appeared in previous papers more than two times)
  9. W.B. Yeats and his poetry
  10. Andrew Marvell
  11. Easter 1916


These passages have appeared in previous papers two or more times.

Ques. Explain the passages given below with reference to their contexts supplying brief critical comments where necessary:

a) There, in a Meadow, by the Rivers side,
A Flocke of Nymphes I chaunced to espy,
All lovely Daughters of the Flood thereby,
With goodly greenish locks all loose untyde.

b) And thus we sit together now,
And all night long we have not stirred,
And yet God has not said a word !

c) I wonder by my troth, what thou, and I
Did, till we lov’d? were we not wean’d till
But suck’d on countrey pleasures, childishly?
Or snorted we i’ the seaven sleepers den?

d) Upon the sodden ground
His old right hand lay nerveless, listless,
dead, unsceptred; and his realmless eyes
were closed;

e) Unreal city,
Under the brown fog of a winter dawn.
A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so
many, I had not thought death had undone
so many.


Hope this helped you!! Good luck for your exams!! :)

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