MES-013 Important Topics

MES-013 Important Topics to prepare for Upcoming Exams

MES-013 Important Topics

  1. Psychomotor Learning – concept, organization of psychomotor learning experience in schools
  2. Influence – of peers, of community, school environment – on learner
  3. Effects of social class on learner
  4. Classroom climate
  5. Constructivism – types, implications, differ from behaviorism
  6. Difference between declarative and procedural knowledge

  7. Self-concept & self-learning & self-instructional materials
  8. Teacher’s role
  9. Theories of cognitive development
  10. Peer group – nature, importance, characteristics, role in individual’s learning
  11. Kohlberg’s and Piaget’s stages of moral development
  12. Constructivist Learning – approaches, creation, features

Questions related to these topics have come in Previous Years Exams! 

Good Luck for the Exams!! :)

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