MPC-002 Important Questions

MPC-002 Important Questions for Exams from Previous Years Papers

All these questions are from IGNOU's Previous Years Question Papers.
These are those questions which are mostly repeated in One or more years exams.

June 2014

1. Define and describe early childhood period. What are the various psychological and physical hazards that a child has to face during early years?

2. Elucidate the concept of infancy period. Discuss Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development during infancy period.

3. What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Discuss the remedial measures for ADHD programmes at school and families.

4. Write short note on: Negative Self-concept in adolescence.

December 2014

1. Explain the concept of Human Development. Discuss the various obstacles in studying Life Span Development.

2. Write short note on: Stages of Prenatal Development.

3. Elucidate Piaget’s concept of cognitive development in middle-childhood period.

4. How does social development play a crucial role in forming a child’s personality? Support your answers with relevant examples.

5. Discuss in detail the concept of self identity. Also discuss the identity crisis during adolescent phase of life.

6. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Cognitive development in adolescence.

(b) Cognitive changes in old age.

7. What are the various psychosocial changes during mid-adulthood period.

June 2015

1. Elucidate the psychosocial development in infancy.

2. Examine the role of peer group on social development during school years.

3. Elucidate the cognitive changes during middle adulthood.

4. Briefly discuss the psychosocial changes during old age.

5. Describe the common emotional patterns during the early school years.

6. Write short note on: Gifted and Talented children.

December 2015

1. Elucidate Piaget’s concepts of cognitive development in middle childhood.

2. Comment on identity crisis in adolescence. How can it be resolved?

3. Discuss the cognitive changes during middle adulthood.

4. What are the characteristics of prenatal development? How can environmental influences affect the development of an infant?

5. Briefly describe the family life cycle during adulthood.

6. Compare Piaget’s and Kohlberg’s theories of moral development.

7. Write short note on: Longitudinal and Cross-sectional study.

June 2016

1. Examine Jean Piaget’s and Lawrence Kohlberg’s theories of moral development during school years.

2. Explain psychological and physics hazards during early childhood. Discuss Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development during this stage.

3. Discuss emotional development during early school years.

4. What is learning disability (LD)? What are the remedial programmes for students with LD?

5. Discuss the main components of language development.

6, Write short notes on: Crystallized intelligence.

December 2016

1. Discuss psychosocial changes during old age.

2. Define and describe identity and identity crisis in adolescence.

3. What do you mean by value education? Explain the importance of educational excursion.

4. Discuss school performance and cognitive development during adolescence.

5. Explain Kohlberg’s theory of moral development.

June 2017

1. What are the characteristics of prenatal development? Describe the stages of prenatal development.

2. Differentiate between self-concept and self-esteem. Describe the signs of negative self-concept in adolescence.

3. Describe the cognitive changes during early and middle adulthood.

4. Write short note on: Any three obstacles in studying life span development.

December 2017

1. Discuss the characteristics and hazards during early childhood. 

2. Describe the cognitive changes during middle adulthood. 

3. Discuss the phenomenon of growth and development of children. 

4. Elucidate the family life cycle during adulthood. 

5. Write short note on:

a. Sequential and Time Lag Method.
b. Any two environmental influences during prenatal period. 


June 2018

1. Explain Piaget’s theory of cognitive development during mid-childhood period. 

2. How does Erikson’s and Levinson’s theory highlight the psychosocial changes during early adulthood? 

3. Discuss the various environmental influences during prenatal development. 

4. Explain linguistic development during infancy. 

5. Explain the concept of ageing. Discuss ageing issues during early adulthood.


1. Describe psychosocial development during infancy. 

2. Discuss psychosocial changes during middle-adulthood stage, highlighting the developmental tasks during this stage. 

3. Explain motor development during early childhood. 

4. Discuss the cognitive development during adolescence. 

Let us know in the comments if you want answers of any of these questions.

Good luck for the exams!! 🙂 🙂

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