MPC-003 Important Topics for Exams from Previous Years Papers

All these topicss are from IGNOU's Previous Years Question Papers.
These are those topics which were mostly repeated in exams.


  1. Define Personality and its relationship with genes
  2. Allport – Trait Approach, attributes of psychologically mature adult, Propium and its characteristics
  3. Freud’s stages of psychosexual development
  4. Self Report inventory & personality tests
  5. Five Factor Model
  6. Principles of Observational Learning
  7. Behavioural Assessment – Characteristics, assumptions, techniques/methods, types
  8. Interview method – strength, weakness, techniques
  9. Thematic Apperception Test
  10. Validity and its relevance
  11. Eysenck’s Trait-Type Theory
  12. Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory
  13. Karen Horney – Neurotic needs, social foundation of personality
  14. Projective Techniques – meaning, classification
  15. Defense Mechanisms
  16. Biological, Psychological and Environmental factors of Personality
  17. Cattell’s Trait Approach & categories
  18. Case Study Method
  19. Theories and principles by Ivan Pavlov
  20. Propium
  21. Hierarchy of needs by Maslow
  22. Ayurvedic Body Types
  23. Guilford’s Trait Theory
  24. Traits

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