MPC-004 Important Topics for Exams from Previous Years Papers

All these topicss are from IGNOU's Previous Years Question Papers.
These are those topics which were mostly repeated in exams.

  1. Experimental method, research, studies of human obedience, group
  2. Interpersonal attraction & factors contributing to it
  3. Pro-social behavior and its theories
  4. Perception – Person, Self, errors of attribution that people generally make in understanding other’s behavior
  5. Attitude – formation, change, factors affecting change & formation
  6. Prejudice and Discrimination
  7. Compliance & its principles
  8. Social conflicts – causes, effects, nature, forms, types
  9. Methods of conflict resolution
  10. Group cohesion
  11. Schemas & impression formation
  12. Behavior – collective, crowd, aggressive
  13. Groups – theories of formation, characteristics/features, dynamics
  14. Aggression – measurement, method for reduction, theories
  15. Stereotypes
  16. Obedience & experimental studies of human obedience
  17. Correlation method – meaning, merits, demerits
  18. Social Identity Theory
  19. Informed Consent
  20. Conformity
  21. Co-operation & its types
  22. Social influence & its areas
  23. Quasi-Experiment

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