MPCE-013 Important Questions for Upcoming Exams

MPCE-013 Important Questions

1. What do you understand by ‘psychotherapy integration’ ? Discuss various methods of psychotherapy integration.
2. What are the basic assumptions of cognitive behaviour therapy ? Explain the process of cognitive behaviour therapy.
3. Explain the concept of family therapy. Discuss the techniques, values and ethics of family therapy.
4. What do you understand by attachment based interventions and dyadic developmental psychotherapy ?

5. Discuss psychotherapy for dementia.
6. Discuss the common features of short-term therapies.
7. Discuss the techniques of interpersonal psychotherapy.
8. Explain the concept of integrative psychotherapy. Discuss various methods of psychotherapy integration.
9. Explain the distinctive features of psychotherapies for children.

10. Discuss the counselling process of Roger’s client centered therapy.
11. Define group psychotherapy and explain its therapeutic principles.
12. Explain the role of psychotherapy in terminal illness.
13. What is ‘Multi-modal Therapy’ ? Explain its application.
14. What do you understand by object relations theory ? Discuss its application in psychotherapeutic process.

15. Explain the nature and process of solution focused therapy.
16. What is analytical psychology ? What are the basic concepts of analytical psychology that distinguish it from Freudian Psychoanalysis?
17. What are the main differences between the therapies used for older persons and other age group persons ?
18. Discuss Freud’s topographical model of personality. Describe the different stages of psychosexual development.
19. Discuss David Malan’s therapy and Triangle of insight.

20. Write a note on:
a. Behaviour modification
b. Psychic Determinism
c. Motivational Interviewing
d. Contingency contracting
e. Dysfunctional thinking
f. Narrative psychotherapy
g. The Unconscious
h. Existential Therapy

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