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The biggest question after completing school is WHAT TO DO NEXT? At Which College? And What COURSE to choose?

Or sometimes we want to do so many things altogether!!

So in that case how will you manage time for different classes of different courses?

For me it was the second case!! I wanted to do two courses together.

So I chose IGNOU for doing my Graduation!! I think IGNOU is the best distance learning university of India.

And if you ask Why IGNOU?

My answer will be this:

  1. IGNOU gives you freedom to choose whichever subjects you want to study. For example, if you wanna take English, Sociology, Mathematics or any other subject you like, there are no restrictions on that.
  2. IGNOU gives you maximum of 6 years duration to complete your graduation.
  3. You don’t have to waste a whole year if you fail in one or two subjects, as exams in IGNOU are held two times a year.
  4. If by chance you missed admission dates, you don’t have to waste a whole year. As in IGNOU, admissions are open two times a year.
  5. IGNOU’s syllabus is very descriptive, to give deep knowledge of the subjects.
  6. IGNOU’s classes are held on weekend, which is perfect for those who are already working or those who are doing other course side-by-side.

IGNOU also provides various job opportunities with their Campus Placement Drive. They have a really big library at main campus. And also provide E-Learning material to study online.

Overall I really like IGNOU, so pursuing my Master’s Degree from there only.

Hope you also have a great experience studying at IGNOU.

And if you have any questions about admission process in IGNOU or if you wanna know about examination process and assignments, feel free to leave a comment here or CONTACT US.

PS – Admissions at IGNOU are open right now!! Here’s the link for online registration.

🙂 🙂


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